What do your business cards say about you?

contact-cardA lot of people neglect business cards. Not sure if it because they don’t care about it because it is “just a business card” or they don’t realize the power of that little piece of paper in their hand.

Many cards have what on them? Name. Company. Email. Phone. Blah. But, business cards can be a valuable marketing tool. You can put anything on them. It surprises me how many businesses don’t get this. So, here’s a thought. Before you hand your business card out at networking events, at client meetings, or drop it in that fishbowl at your favorite lunch spot that draws them for a free sandwich, look at them and imagine what you can put on them…

Twitter account. Facebook account. Web address. Blog address. Mobile website address. Coupon for free or reduced price consulting, products, or whatever you do. QR codes that lead to any of the previously mentioned. Just for starters.

I just got a new set of cards just in time for a conference I leave for tomorrow. There are places to get really cheap or free business cards on the web. The free ones usually have an ad on the back for the company that printed them… BAD idea. Spend some money and get GOOD business cards. The company that prints my cards is not cheap… but anytime I hand a business card to someone, they feel the thick, premium stock and actually take some time to look at the card. 9 times out of 10 I get compliments on the business card. THAT makes an impression. And they remember that. “Oh yeah, that’s the guy with the sweet business cards”. Any chance to make an impression is a good one, even if it is with the lowly business card.

If you’d like to check out where I get my cards, This Link will get you 10 percent off your first order. You’ll love them.

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