Sell And Profit With Flippa – Free Training

If you aren’t familiar with Flippa, it is a fantastic marketplace to buy and sell domains, websites, even complete businesses. I have personally sold domains on Flippa, making up to $600 per sale. You should add it to your toolbox, especially if you create niche blogs or authority websites.

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In this training, you are going to learn the following:

• Learn how to get started with Flippa.
• A quick overview of the interface and the features available.
• Understanding the marketplace and the audience of Flippa.
• Learn how to browse the listings and the requirements.
• Simple way to post your listing following some good practices.
• Learn how to create listings that attract bidders.
• Learn the simple way to build check your statistics.
• How to create, edit, save and publish your listings in just a few clicks.
• How to seriously make money with Flippa as a business model.
And so much more!

Flippa Video 1


Flippa Video 2


Flippa Video 3


Flippa Video 4 – Demonstration


Flippa Video 5


Flippa Video 6 – Demonstration

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