Internet Marketing and Procrastination

ClockSo I’m finally catching up from the 4th Earn1KaDay summit. It was absolutely amazing, and every year gets better. Connections were created, plans were made, and it was further planted in everyone’s minds that, to quote Mario Brown, taking “Massive Imperfect Action” is the only way to go.

Case in point. My last corporate job (the last one I’ll ever bother with) was at a well funded startup company with a very interesting  niche. Product launch was delayed over and over and over. We were supposed to launch in March. By the time I got laid off in September, we STILL had not launched. Why? Inaction. Management was too busy sweating every single tiny last detail. Icons on the website were just not absolutely perfect. Copy was just not absolutely perfect. There were many other issues as well but those were the ones sticking in my mind and we were blowing through cash each and every week with nary a dime of income. Slipping back to March, had someone stood up and said “Look, it isn’t perfect but it’s launch time so let’s get it out the door and worry about the little stuff as we go”. We could have spent that time from March to September pitching product instead of not progressing in any direction.

Another case in point. I hired a US based writer through eLance for a few jobs. She was pretty good, and her rates are good as well.  She and I kept in touch and became friends. She frequently asks me what she can do to make money online. I’ve given her advice, provided her with some reading on the subject, and have tried to give her ideas. Yet she comes back with more of the same questions. I believe she suffers from the “I Can’t” dilemma. I Can’t Do This. I Can’t Get Going. I Can’t Find Clients. Yet she wants to be successful. Her Want is obviously not as powerful as her Can’t. Switch those two around, and progress will be made.

As I make more and more connections with people, I see that procrastination is a very common thread. I’m very guilty of it myself. There are days that my ADOS (Attention Deficit Ooooh Shiny!) issues come out to play. Especially in the IM arena, where there are TONS of bright and shiny objects to distract us from our goals. It’s really easy to find who is successful and who is not. Separate the business builders from the WSO launchers and follow their example. You wouldn’t see the Jason Fladliens’ and the John Rhodes’ of the world hopping from product to product, offer to offer – they are busy building their businesses. Their CORE businesses.

There were several presentations at the summit this year that really made me stop and think about the way I was doing things. If I had to pick one speaker that touched me the most, it would be a very hard decision.

If you would like to see the videos of the presentations at the summit, Dennis has made them available here for sale. I really encourage you to watch Micheal Gunn’s presentation, Mario Brown’s presentation, and just because he is so dynamic, Burt Richard’s presentation. I’ll talk about the others in a later post. 🙂

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