Hosting accounts – what’s the difference?

I get asked a lot about the difference between shared hosting plans, VPS (Virtual private server) plans and dedicated server hosting plans. So, here it is explained in non-technical terms!

Shared Server Hosting: You’re renting an apartment in a large apartment complex. You can’t control what your neighbors do that may affect you. Like if they have a loud party with a bunch of people and set the place on fire. You can complain, that’s about it. Prices are generally low for shared hosting, $5 a month up to about $15 a month.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting: You become the manager of an entire floor in the apartment complex. It’s up to you to maintain the floor. Use the entire floor for yourself, or rent out apartments on your floor. If an apartment renter on your floor gets out of line, you are in charge and can evict them. Prices are midrange, $30 to $80 a month.

Dedicated Server Hosting: You manage the entire apartment complex. You are in charge of all activity in the complex. You can assign floors to managers, you can rent apartments, and it is your responsibility to be sure everyone is getting what they pay for. Or, you can use the entire complex for yourself. Prices are more expensive here, $75 to $400 plus a month.

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